Thesis and completed sources

Thesis of Social Media Marketing based on the proffesionals – Social Media Marketing, if used correctly, can expand and increase every aspect of your business. Sales will increase, customer base will grow and… Continue reading

Professional Articles

1. Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build your Business Thesis- Social media can create and broaden a customer base dramatically. Weber, L. (2007). Marketing to the social web: how digital… Continue reading

Popular Audience

The audience who would want to know more about Social Media Marketing would be up and coming businesses who are looking to reach out to consumers on the web. They want to learn… Continue reading

Social Media Marketing

Zach Dourson 07/08/2012 Professor Oberlin Genre Analysis Essay Social Media Analysis                 Social media marketing is the newest and biggest craze that is sweeping the nation. Companies small and large have resulted to… Continue reading

What the Pros Have to Say About it

Most if not all professionals agree that social media is the new age of Marketing. By researching many sites on Google Scholar, I have come up with two that state the benefits of… Continue reading

The “Hottest” Marketing Topic

After reviewing all of the comments, I had an even spread between Going Green and Social Media. When I began researching each topic more, they are very similar in how big they have… Continue reading

Hot Topics of Marketing

1. Social Media- this topic has been debated back and forth ever since Facebook and Twitter took off. Over 500 Million people have a Facebook and another 170 Million on Twitter. That makes… Continue reading

Marketing Format Style

After much research, the Marketing format tends to be APA. It is used for business plans such as a Marketing Plan.

Marketing Definition

Original definition I came up with- simply a way to convince a customer to commit to something; spreading the word of a product and making it appealing.   After doing some research, I… Continue reading

First Post

Hey guys! This is my first blog and Im looking forward to figuring out how to use it! Ill be keeping you up todate on my English 289 portfolio and everything that goes… Continue reading