The “Hottest” Marketing Topic

After reviewing all of the comments, I had an even spread between Going Green and Social Media. When I began researching each topic more, they are very similar in how big they have become. However, as much as “going green” is sweeping the nation, I feel as if social media marketing is definitely the hottest topic. Nowadays, you cant go anywhere without a company asking you to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. It is a whole new marketing scheme that reaches an even bigger demographic. Not to mention, its quick and instant. Once a promotion is posted, it is then available for everyone to see. They no longer have to wait for people to drive by a billboard or try and pick the best location for a sign, it is all at their fingertips. Over 1 billion people use some form of social media, so the significance of it is obvious. There have been some recent struggles however. At first, many companies tried adding advertisements to the social media site pages. They would put the advertisements on the sides of the page in a small little box. Recently, they realized that those are not getting nearly enough views to prove beneficial. So how do you fix it? Well what companies have begun to do is make their own page. There people can “like” their product or “follow” the company and receive coupons, promotions and up and coming news. All it takes is one click. After they first like it, all the news will then appear on their news feed every time a new post is added. Its cheap, easy, and as I stated before, INSTANT.

With the new social media craze and the abundance of users, the “people on the street” are very familiar with this technology. However, most of them probably do not realize they are being marketed to. For instance, if a user “likes” Subway on Facebook, they usually do it because they actually do like Subway. Not to mention the word of mouth on social media spreads like wildfire. I remember one time there was a Chipotle free burrito give away if you followed them on Twitter. Once one post got out about it, my whole news feed was going crazy and before you knew it, everyone was following Chipotle. So that one marketing scheme now drew in millions of potential customers in the future. All those users will see anything Chipotle posts and the marketing is smooth sailing from there on out. In overview, most people know of the companies on these social media sites, but very few realize that everyday, they are being marketed to even at their own desk.

Now I sited Facebook because being on there for 10 minutes or less will prove the effects of Social Media Marketing.