Marketing Definition

Original definition I came up with- simply a way to convince a customer to commit to something; spreading the word of a product and making it appealing.


After doing some research, I realized there is more to it than that- Marketing consists of three different types as well as two separate genres. First we have external- or getting your name out there. It is the most important form of marketing in most cases because without letting people know of your product or service, no one will buy it. This is accomplished by locating the correct target market and advertising the product in various ways. Next is Internal- or taking the committed customers you have and building off of that.  Offering things such as coupons or deals or incentives to keep the customer coming back to you and build a strong brand name.  Make it reliable and something people want, but also make sure it is priced effectively and have great customer service. Just because the customer has already purchased something, doesn’t mean they will not move on to another company. The third type is community- which is pretty much what it sounds like. Participate in charity events, nonprofits and other local activities. Show the community you care and you are sure to build that customer base up. Not only is it good for your image, but it shows the dedication of the company to the customers. As for the two genres, first is the act of advertising. As stated early, this is a very important role in the marketing process. It can range anywhere from word of mouth to TV commercial; newspaper ad to magazine article. No matter how you get the word out, make sure it is appealing to the target market. These are the people you need to advertise to. After advertising is complete, the second genre comes into place– Selling the item. Though they intertwine, this is a little different than advertising. The people are interested, now you have to convince them to take the leap and buy. Techniques such as pricing strategy, such as 5 easy payments of $19.95, tend to trick the customer. They see the low price and commit. Also know not only your stuff, but your competitors. If the customer asks any question, be able to answer it and compare it to the customer. Now you just incorporate the 3 types of marketing with the 2 different genre and work each one through.  That is marketing.