Hot Topics of Marketing

1. Social Media- this topic has been debated back and forth ever since Facebook and Twitter took off. Over 500 Million people have a Facebook and another 170 Million on Twitter. That makes sites like those a great hot spot for ads and coupons. By using the age feature on each and also allowing others to “like” your business or product or “follow” your company, the word spreads fast. What’s most interesting about it is that now almost every billboard or sign has an additional comment on it that says “Like us on Facebook!” or “Follow us on Twitter!” nowadays.

2. Going Green- Green is the new big rave coming through. We are seeing more and more hybrid cars, new light bulbs and businesses all around “Going Green.” This has now become not just an environmental thing, but also a marketing scheme as well. people appreciate the company helping the environment and some are more likely to buy the product if they think they can too. The rave started with celebrities starting to care about the green movement and soon shifted towards businesses. What strikes me as pretty interesting is how people aren’t willing to pay more for a healthier food item, but will pay close to double for a “green” item.

3. The Apps- iPhones, iPads, iTouches, iEverything. With the new smartphone rage, companies are finding different ways to add to their marketing mix. By creating apps for the android market and iTunes, they reach a whole new demographic. 46% of Americans have a smartphone of some kind and with that they can download all apps available. For example, Chipotle, has an app for the iPhone where you can order from the phone and pick it up when you get there. Its convenient, easy to use, and has people coming back to use it again and again. What surprises me most is how not all companies have developed something like this. Offer coupons or a game or a prize for downloading it and then give info about the product or service.